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The Innovative Ideas Brought by the Discussion between the 1st Company Named in RE100 and the Top 1 University in Taiwan

Remi Lee, the Chief Sustainability Officier, was invited by Dr. Miriam Garvi of National Taiwan University GMBA program as a guest speaker. TCI’s CSR Team had meaningful discussion with the professors and students of GMBA program. On behalf of the progress and implementation of being a corporate citizen (focusing no low carbon production, renewable energy, education, stakeholders, and corporate governance) and the only one who attended the Low Carbon Forum at COP24, we shared our experience and the roles we act in the business operation.

Through the meaningful discussion with talented students across the world, it brought many great ideas for the future of sustainability. Students were asking many questions during the event:

Is the promotion of “Environmental, Social and Governance” with all efforts the creed for the Chairman of TCI?

Where does the idea come from? About using banana peels?

How to implement the concept of sustainability during research?

What is the strategic meaning of sustainability for an enterprise?

How to achieve the goal: sourcing 100% renewable energy for global operation?



 “Sustainability is the Competitive Advantage for Enterprises in the Future”

With the full support of Vincent Lin, the Chairman of TCI, the strategy for Environmental, Social and Governance can be executed rapidly in and out of TCI Group.

The initial motivation for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is not only bringing a better future for our world, but also the benefits will be brought by ESG. ESG not only include the sustainable strategy for the society and the environment, but also the systematic and strategic connections between the stakeholders (including employees, stockholders, customers, consumers, and suppliers) and the survival of a company. By implementing the ESG concepts, we have a close connection with our stakeholders and bring the discussion of benefits back to the win-win strategy for the stakeholders and the company to achieve a sustainable business model. The model will advance our competitive advantages and make a better world in the future.



 “The Courage of Making a Promise is from the Daring to Face Challenges”

We bravely make our commitments to climate change because we have the foresight on the survival of an enterprise in the future.

The only solution is that we have to start establishing sustainable achievements from now that will help us face inevitable challenges calmly in the future. During this event, TCI’s CSR Team shared our sustainable achievements deeply:

# The first green facial mask factory in compliance with LEED Silver Certification from U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and its aesthetics

# The circular economy helps transform by-products into high-performance products

# The economic value from fermenting the dregs left after the manufacturing to make organic compost  

# TCI committed to the course of action: we will source 100% renewable energy and increase energy conversion efficiency as a member of RE100 and EP100.

# Our future goals: Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)



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