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Vecollal vegan collagen webinar

Environmental Breakthrough Leads to the Rise of Vegan Trend The plant based trend has experienced explosive growth over recent years as consumers begin to adjust their dietary habits and increasingly choose vegan food.The environment, health and ethical reasons for this shift are well understood. According to the trend, the global vegan health food market is estimated to grow from USD 6.3 billion in 2019 to USD 16.7 billion in 2028,representing a CAGR of nearly 9%.

Consumer Expectations for Vegan Collagen Technology and R&D Bottlenecks

Manufacturers have made significant investments to develop vegan meat and plant-based products and even beauty products have followed the vegan trend. Recent years have seen an explosion in the range of health and care products that emphasize the use of vegan ingredients, but consumers have found that collagen-related products, which have long dominated the health care products market, have failed to keep up with this trend. The main reason for this is that collagen exists only in animals, and many of the commercially available products that focus on collagen from vegetarian sources are not collagen as defined by the human body, but plant gums or collagen builders that promote the body’s own production of collagen. These products are of course less effective than real collagen supplementation.


Recent advances in the field of biotechnology have enabled greater understanding in the production of collagen with the same structure as the human body from vegan sources. However in spite of this there are still various difficulties to be solved, including the safety and consumer acceptance and legal restrictions of genetically modified food. Therefore, where GMO is accepted the products developed by this technology can only be used in topical care products, and there are strict regulatory restrictions.


The Launch of a Vegan Collagen Alternative that Addresses All Consumer Concerns

In the first quarter of 2022, VeCollal®, the brand of vegan collagen supplement, has successfully joined hands with TCI, the world’s No. 1 collagen expert, to develop a “vegan collagen supplement with the same amino acid composition as type I human collagen”, becoming the industry’s first pioneer of vegan collagen alternative supplement.


VeCollal® utilizes its own advantages in synthesis of amino acids and the extensive research and development capabilities of TCI. After major scientific experiments and clinical research, the results reveal that this vegan collagen alternative supplement can be absorbed through the human digestive tract and successfully replenish and promote collagen production in the body to achieve wrinkle reduction, anti-aging and joint protection.


Outlook and Webinar with More Details at the End of February

Vegan collagen supplement VeCollal® has the same amino acid composition and structure as human type I collagen, hence excellent absorption rate and biocompatibility. Detailed clinical trial reports and results will be released in the first half of 2022.This innovative product ensures the vegan products market will lead to a new trend of scientific clean beauty and vegan collagen supplementation, which will successfully impact and significantly improve the lives of consumers worldwide.


Detailed information about VeCollal® technology and R&D process will be revealed at the 23rd Feb 2022 (GMT+1) 10:00 AM (EU) and 22nd Feb 2022(GMT-7) 2:00 PM (US) webinar.

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