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Which Collagen Supplements You Can Trust?

Collagen supplements are becoming increasingly popular due to the plethora of benefits they have to offer. Aside from offering benefits to the skin, making it more youthful and beautiful; collagen also contributes to strong muscles and connective tissues; it contributes to stronger bones and even helps in improving joint health. Collagen is also used to increase muscle mass along with weight reduction.

With so many benefits it comes as no surprise that collagen supplements are gaining traction. But the problem arises when you go out or even online to buy collagen supplements and come across so many choices that lmake you confused. There are so many products available that people have a hard time deciding upon a choice.


How to Select a Supplement?

The first question that should be considered when deciding upon a collagen supplement is. ‘What type of collagen does it contain?’ There are basically three types of collagen which are present in the supplements. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein and so far, over 26 types have been identified. Out of them, type 1, 2, and 3 are present in abundance; they are also the ones which are most beneficial for the body.

Type 1 Collagen: Type 1 collagen is present in muscles, connective tissues, and bones. It accounts for almost 90% of collagen present in the body. It is equally beneficial for skin and teeth. Most collagen supplements either solely contain type 1 collagen or combination of two or three types with type 1 being present in almost all of them. Those with low muscle mass, weak connective tissues, weak bones or, weak skin should opt for supplements rich in type 1 collagen. It is usually marketed in combination with type 3 collagen.

Type 2 Collagen: Type 2 collagen is responsible for keeping joints in good health. It is found in elastic cartilages that cushion our joints. Those who suffer from arthritis or stiff joints should opt for supplements rich in type 2 collagen. It is especially recommended for people who have crossed their 40’s and complaint about pain in joints.

Type 3 Collagen Type 3 collagen is found in supplements in combination with type 1 collagen. It is beneficial for supporting the structure of bones, muscles, organs, and arteries. It also contributes to the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Since its benefits closely resemble to those of type 1 and it also naturally occurs and works closely with type 1 collagen that is why it is marketed as such as well.

Depending upon the features of the type of collagen that are present in the supplement, it is advised to read the label carefully or conduct some research online before deciding upon a supplement to determine whether it will cater to your actual requirements or not.


Which one to Trust?

Aside from selecting a supplement based upon reviews and trustworthiness of the manufacturing brand. Look for the following key features in a collagen supplement:

·         Is it hydrolyzed? As hydrolyzed collagen absorbs quickly in the body and delivers all the benefits rapidly. They are present in the form collagen peptides which reduce the size of their molecules and make it easier for the body to absorb them. make sure that this is what is actually in the product and not amino acids instead

·         Consult a physician and make sure that the potency and concentration align with the needs of your body.

·         Read the ingredients and formulation to determine whether it contains anything you may possibly to allergic to.

·         What types (if any) of preservatives and sugars does it contain?

·         What were the sources of collagen peptides?

Only after you have conducted thorough research and analyzed your needs,go for a supplement that aligns with them. It may not be easy to trust one brand when there are so many available in the market but be sure to stick with the one that suits you best.


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