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High-speed Production and Shipment "at Light Speed"

TCI, over the years, has established automated production lines in multiple product categories, which, from the filling lines to packaging lines, are all unmanned and in full operation during this period of time.

Apart from providing high-speed production and shipment “at light speed” for our brand partners, the highly automated production lines, unmanned or with few workers, also minimize workers’ direct contact with products so that your consumers can be reassured.

In addition, we want to congratulate the partners who have adopted our unbreakable One-Product-One-Code technology in product identification. Since consumers are less likely to go out shopping during this time, now is the best time for you to make good use of the technology in online marketing and seize all the business opportunities faster than others. As for the partners who have not started to use the One-Product-One-Code technology, we sincerely welcome you to join us and apply this technology to infuse your products with more vitality.

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