TCI Digital Printing Packages

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TCI has established the digital printing solutions for products to help you solve relevant issues of product traceability, anti-channel conflict, and limits of marketing strategy. We are the 1st company who provides the all-in-one package tracking method: one product, one QR code. The QR code provides information about both marketing events and product traceability. It makes a plus for your products in both ways! With the flexibility of digital printing, we develop unique and characteristic products for you so that you can stand out from your competitors without a drawback and reach another sales milestone!

TCI Digital Printing Packages

More than Developing Products: Let TCI Boost Your Sales!

We provide the best strategies and moving creativity to persuade your target consumers, with TCI Digital Printing Packages, not only anti-counterfeiting but also have more flexible marketing ideas.

A.Differentiation & Tracking

1 sachet 1 code, 1 bottle 1 code / Anti-counterfeiting tracking system / Marketing platform connecting


Variety & Value-added visual design / Flexible marketing applications

Consuming side Anti-counterfeiting, 1 package 1 code

Consumers can scan and verify after unpacking. One single code corresponds to one single package. Prevent barcodes from being counterfeited or one barcode from being scanned multiple times, providing full protection.

Selling side Flexible marketing campaigns

Diversifying marketing activities / Increasing consumer and brand interaction / Understanding consumer behaviors / Collecting and analyzing consuming data

Changeable visual design - Color change

TCI Digital Printing Packages-Changeable visual design - Color change

Changeable visual design - Interactive dialogue

TCI Digital Printing Packages-Changeable visual design-Interactive dialogue

Changeable visual design - Festival theme

TCI Digital Printing Packages-Changeable visual design-Festival theme

One package one code 10 scenarios

Interactive Marketing -  Online & Offline tracking

Interactive Marketing -  Online & Offline tracking

01. What Can We Do on Boss’s Birthday?

On boss’ s birthday,  scan the code and join the activities can play the lucky draw! *activities: Send Birthday wishes / Photo with boss (Creative photos collecting) / What do you know about the boss? (Trivia Quiz)

02. Bottle Cap QR Code - Lucky Draw

Get coupons or vouchers when scanning the QR Code inside the bottle cap.

03. Team Challenge

Participating as a team; can receive prizes when the number of bottles reaches the requirements.

04. Limited on Sale

Scan and log in to the campaign during a limited time can receive discounts.

05. Globally Check-in

Consumers take products with them while traveling, check-in and post on social media. The brand will select the best photos and send rewards.

06. Scan & Do Charity

The brand will donate an amount of money to the society for every scan.

07. Recipe Suggestions

Teach you how to pair supplements with daily diet: what’s the best choice for daily diet? When is the best time to take supplements?

08. Daily Horoscope

“Should I get out of bed tomorrow?” Scan and get fortune predictions.

09. Personality Test

What type are you? Can combine with various interesting topic.

10. Daily Mission / Points Collecting

Scan the code after using products and get bonus points. Ex. Scan the code for 30, 60, or 90 days continuously can get specific rewards! (facial masks, trial products, treatments, etc.)

Example of Digital Printing Application - 2020 Ginseng chicken essence

Example of Digital Printing Application - 2020 Ginseng chicken essence

Digital Printing Design - Front

Digital Printing Design

Digital Printing Design - Back

Digital Printing Design

Year of the Rat Scratch Card - Scratch Card Web Page

Year of the Rat Scratch Card - Scratch Card Web Page

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