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What Supplement Manufacturers Suit You Better? Supplement OEM, ODM, or CDMO?


What Supplement Manufacturers Suit You Better? Supplement OEM, ODM, or CDMO?

So many supplement manufacturers in the industry nowadays, what exactly is the difference? Why is it important to choose a good supplement manufacturer? Apart from the more commonly known concepts of supplement OEM and supplement ODM, have you ever heard of supplement CDMO? Choosing the right private label supplement manufacturer for your brand not only helps shorten the time and save costs, but a good supplement manufacturer can assist you in laying out the global market. Thus, with the help of supplement manufacturers in Asia, and the US, you can service global customers, earning lucrative profits.

This article analyzes supplement manufacturers in detail, including supplement manufacture collaboration processes, supplement suppliers, common dosage forms of supplements, cost of manufacturing supplements, supplement formulations, private label supplement manufacturers, minimum order quantity (MOQ), and what services should be provided to customers by supplement manufacturers.


What are the differences between supplement OEM, supplement ODM and supplement CDMO?

A major difference between supplement OEM and supplement ODM is in the design process.

Supplement CDMO is able to provide in-house designs with the necessary production specifications and manufacturing processes while supplement OEM requires the brands to provide and determine all of the supplement formulation, product specifications, and manufacturing processes.

What do supplement OEM, Supplement ODM, and Supplement CDMO do?
Supplement OEM: simply performs manufacturing services.
Supplement ODM: has the ability to develop and design independently.
Supplement CDMO: provide in-house designs with the necessary production specifications and manufacturing processes


  Supplement OEM Supplement ODM Supplement CDMO

Formal Writing

Original Equipment Manufacturer Original Design Manufacturer Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization
Production V V V

Development of raw materials


Regulatory consultation


Sales solutions



What is supplement CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization)?

What is supplement CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization)?

CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) is an extension of the more sophisticated ODM service. All components of a product (including raw materials, packaging materials, supplement suppliers, etc.) can be developed and manufactured independently. The advantage is that you can develop and produce your own products, thus creating a competitive edge in the market in terms of quality, flexibility, and time.

Therefore, there’s an increasing demand for private label supplement companies to outsource to supplement CDMO companies, to truncate development time and save production costs, thus speeding up time-to-market. Private label supplement companies can focus on marketing more. Large-scale supplement CDMOs can customize the site of product manufacturing to fulfil the brand’s market needs.

For example, private label supplement companies from Europe can either choose a local European supplement manufacturer or a supplement manufacturer in the US. However, supplement CDMOs have a team of professionals with various backgrounds that can design and manufacture products based on the customer’s needs, local marketing trends, and different types of private label supplements including but not limited to nutritional supplements, fitness supplements, and dietary supplements. Nowadays, more private label supplement companies outsource to a supplement CDMO.

The COVID-19 outbreak drove the demand growth in the global biopharmaceutical products market to a new peak. According to a research report by International Research Institute, GII, the global CDMO market reached USD $160.1 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD $242.64 billion in 2026.


Supplement CDMO’s professionalism is different from general food OEM

Supplement CDMO’s professionalism is different from general food OEM | TCI - Supplement Manufacturer


To produce high-quality supplements with maximum efficacy with the best selection of the right raw materials to use, determining who will be your supplement manufacturer is the first step. It is also the most important part of manufacturing products. These are essential building blocks of a good product. Take machinery, for example, any slightest defects in the parts will in turn affect how the product is put together, and reflected upon the quality of the finished product.

  1. Supplement CDMO can independently develop raw materials for supplements.

    There must be a strict selection process for the consumers to feel safe taking or using these supplements. General food OEM and raw material suppliers should collaborate with supplement manufacturers that can meet the quality requirements and undergo inspections for heavy metals, preservatives, plasticizers, etc.

  2. Supplement CDMO invests a lot of R&D resources into developing raw materials.

    Supplement CDMO companies are more willing to invest in extensive R&D resources for sourcing and developing high-calibre raw materials. In addition to quality and safety, to become the best private label supplement manufacturer, they also must ensure effectiveness to set themselves apart from others in the market.


6 main development processes of supplement manufacturing

6 Main Development Processes of Supplement Manufacturing | TCI - Supplement Manufacturer

If you wish to join the supplement industry, whether it is making private label supplement tablets, dietary supplements capsules, liquid supplements, large-scale company cross-industry development, product upgrade, etc., you can contact the supplement manufacturer with the below 6 main development processes of supplement manufacturing information:

1. Product Request Discussion

A product designer with a professional background will assist in every new supplement ODM product. The meeting will focus on understanding your needs. If you don’t have any ideas yet, the product designer can share industry information and provide the most suitable product development advice for the private label supplement company based on market trends and consumer needs.

【Function request】

To address your product demands, the supplement manufacturers will provide a substantial selection of dosage forms, paired with popular product functions, for you to choose from. You can also request a specific ingredient that you would like to add to the formula, such as collagen, the globally popular vegan collagen (VeCollal®), enzymes that have long been popular in Japan, functional probiotics, fish oil, vitamins, etc.

【Dosage Form Selection】

Selecting a suitable dosage form based on the characteristics of raw materials, consumer habits, and the convenience of delivery is very important for the supplement dosage form. Here are a few different types of commonly seen dosage forms of supplement manufacturing——glass-bottle drinks, glass-bottle carbonated drinks, back side seal powder sachets, powder pouch, easy-to-carry liquid sachet, 25ml PET liquid concentrated drink, tablets, capsules, functional jelly, etc.

【Sales Channel】

Identify sales channels and target customers to understand and set reasonable selling prices. In terms of supplement formulation manufacture, the ODM(supplement manufacturer) can design products to meet the needs of your current customer base, based on the needs of the target customer. The product designer will integrate your needs and propose a supplement development proposal that matches your brand values and carry out supplement ODM product development.

2022 Supplement Formula Design Manufacture | TCI - Supplement Manufacturer

2. Formula Design Manufacture

After the product proposal has been approved, we enter the supplement formulation manufacturing and design stage. Considering safety, science, and rationality, it is necessary to have experienced R&D professionals and to use supplement suppliers who can meet acceptable quality requirements.

Supplement formulation manufacturing is a science. The first requirement is safety. Even if the raw material is very popular, it will not be added as long as there is any doubt. Supplement formulation manufacture is not as simple as A+B+C. We must consider whether the raw materials will have cross-reactions and Maillard reactions. For example, phenols and proteins will produce precipitation. The poor water solubility of raw materials causes precipitation, powder formulations tend to absorb moisture and caking or discoloration. To avoid these problems, everything must be designed by professionals. In addition, we must pay attention to the scientific nature of supplement formulation manufacture. The correct estimation of the number of effective ingredients added is to ensure the effectiveness of the product during the validity period.

【Providing Samples】

Supplement manufacturer researchers will provide samples during this stage. Sampling after formulation confirmation is an important step before mass production. This stage confirms that the product is correctly standardized, has the same quality before mass production for production evaluation, and turns various ideas into reality. The powder particle size of powder sachets and density will affect filling and sealing. Taste is an important aspect of the customer experience as well. Drink supplement ODM product mixes various flavours in different ratios to propose a flavour that is acceptable for the target customer of the private label supplements.

【Packaging Design】

A sophisticated product design can enhance sales. Appropriate packaging design style can make your private label supplements more valuable. With different quantities per box, consumers can have more diversified usage scenarios.

3. Regulatory Review

Different regions have different supplement regulations and must strictly comply with the regulations of the production and sales areas. For example, whether the raw materials are edible, the number of additives, or extracted ingredients, etc., supplement manufacturers should be able to provide product identification, including raw material specifications, quality test reports, safety certificates, manufacturing processes, various certifications, patent information, allergen information, etc.

TCI, a CDMO supplement manufacturer, provides production records and implements layers of inspection on raw materials and finished goods. Our professional legal team provides global regulatory consultation, import, and export planning, intellectual property protection, and patent placement, allowing customers to focus more on marketing without worrying about rapid market expansion and sales in new regions.

TCI has supplement manufacturers in Asia, Europe, and the USA. Customers can have supplements manufactured in the USA without worrying about cross-country regulatory reviews.

4. Standardized Process

After the supplement samples are confirmed, the products enter the production process. In addition to quality certification, supplement manufacturer must standardize their production processes, confirm process parameters and ranges, and pass safety tests to ensure that each batch is a qualified product in order to produce reassuring, high-performance products.

5. Stability Testing

This process is designed to ensure food safety and supplement product stability and the health benefits of the active ingredients during the validity period. In general, test items can be classified as physical, chemical, and biological. The test items selected should be based on the ingredients, product characteristics, quality requirements, and items that are susceptible to change during the storage period of the product and may have an impact on its quality, safety, or efficacy. If the health effects of the ingredients (or quality control indicators) of the product have been identified, this should be used as the test item.

Standardized Process Stability Control:

Stability Category          Product Requirements         
Physical Stability No significant changes in colour, flavour, taste, homogeneity, dissolution, suspension, emulsification, etc.
Chemical Stability Within the error range of nutritional labeling, chemical properties remain unchanged
Microbiological Stability Maintain sterility or microbial limit inspection does not exceed the standard

【Component efficacy stability testing】
✓ Create gradient standard samples
✓ Set different environmental conditions: imitate production conditions/severe conditions (increase temperature)
✓ Conduct stability testing

6. After-sales Support

The only way to achieve a win-win situation is for consumers to benefit and supplement companies to profit. Supplement ODMs not only manufacture the products for the brands, but also give multiple added value services to accelerate product promotion through product planning, marketing, and professional lecturer support.


4 factors that affect the total cost of supplement manufacturing

Supplement manufacturing price and purchase determine the cost and capital budget that the brand needs to prepare! The following points affect product quality and are the main reasons to affect the cost:

  1. Formulation Ingredients: Affected by the origin of the raw materials used, scarcity and market price changes, and other factors. The high content of active ingredients and good quality will naturally affect the price from the source.
  2. Core technology: In response to consumer demand, the development of new raw material technologies for functional foods, supplement formulation manufacture, and new product development is a major issue. The research and development of core technology of supplement manufacturers, differentiated products in the market, and better quality & performance, but will also be one of the factors that increase costs.
  3. Production process: Supplements come in various dosage forms such as liquid dosage form, powder dosage form, tablets, capsules, etc. Each supplement has its suitable manufacturing method.
  4. Packaging design: The appearance of supplements is extremely influential to consumers. To show brand characteristics, the selection of packaging materials is a major factor that affects costs, including material, specification, artwork, and quantity. Some are manually packaged, which greatly increases the cost.


2022 Popular supplement formulations & functions

In the era of information transparency, health consumption has grown significantly in recent years. Generally speaking, everyone’s attention to health has covered physiological, medical treatment, health care, and other aspects. Health awareness continues to increase.

There are a variety of supplement functions. Listed below are popular effects and ingredients:

Supplement Effects Raw Material Ingredient
Oral beauty Collagen, grape seed, NMN, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, patented elastin, enzymes
Weight management Enzymes, green coffee beans, inulin, dietary fiber
Women’s health Probiotics, cranberry, carob, iron, yam, evening primrose oil
Sleep-aid Calcium, melatonin
Gut health Probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics
Eye support Lutein, vitamin A, bilberry, astaxanthin
Liver health Turmeric, Hovenia dulcis, enzymes, probiotics
Cardiovascular Resveratrol, fish oil, lycopene, red yeast, oats, nattokinase
Joint health Non-denaturing type II collagen, calcium, glucosamine
Hair support Sesame seeds, vitamin B complex, biotin
Oral care Calcium, L8020 probiotics
Men’s health Maca, Polygonatum kingsium, fresh ginseng, golden clam, oyster peptide, arginine
Sports nutrition Protein powder, BCAA branched chain amino acids, caffeine, vitamin B6
Basic immunity Probiotics, manuka honey

According to the trend analysis of supplement consumers, collagen, enzymes, and probiotics continue to grow in the market. Therefore, supplement ODM products like collagen, probiotics products, and ferment have become popular options for supplement brands. It’s crucial to choose a professional supplement manufacturer to provide high-quality products, with the proper sourcing of raw materials, limiting the number of additives, and ensuring smooth processes.

There are many collagen supplement manufacturers in the market; the three main points are the origin and source of raw materials, dosage, and formula ingredients. Most people think that the smaller the molecular weight, the better the absorption, but the supporting ingredients are also very important in affecting absorption. For example, vitamin C plays a crucial role in the synthesis of collagen, and if vitamin C is designed into the formula, it will make the product more effective. Further Reading: WORLD-CLASS – COLLAGEN EXPERT

Ferment and probiotic supplements have been very popular in recent years, but because of their high technical threshold, instead of developing them from scratch, supplement companies prefer to work with a professional probiotic ODM (supplement manufacturer). This not only greatly reduces the investment risk, but also accelerates the return on investment time.

In the past, products were more singular, enzymes were mostly slimming-related products and probiotics were for gastrointestinal health, but now more diversified effects have been developed, such as functional probiotics. Almost the whole body, including the mood, can be affected by microorganisms. There are hyaluronic acid-producing probiotics, probiotics to help reduce the absorption of oil, and so on. You can choose a more specific function to meet the needs of your target customers. Further Reading: Probiotic Formula Products With High Bacterial Count And High Stability



Supplement dosage forms and their advantages

Supplement dosage forms and their advantages|TCI - Supplement Manufacturer

Each supplement dosage form has its own characteristics, which need to be matched with the appropriate formulation design and decided according to the characteristics of raw materials and usage habits in order to maximize the performance. The advantages and applicability of liquid, powder, tablets, and capsules are listed below.

ODM supplement functional drink applicability:

    • Does not require a lot of time to break down and can be used directly
    • Suitable for adding a high amount of effective ingredients

ODM supplement functional jelly applicability:

    • Reduces bitterness
    • Similar to a functional snack, it is not like taking medicine

ODM supplement powder applicability:

    • Accommodates a high quantity of potent ingredients
    • Designed to be swallowed directly, brewed as a beverage, or brewed as a meal replacement

ODM supplement tablet applicability:

    • Can be designed as flavoured tablets to improve palatability
    • Adding quick-disintegrating and slow-release effects according to the formulation requirements

Supplement tablet ODM/OEM applicability:  Can be designed as flavored tablets to improve palatability Adding quick-disintegrating and slow-release effects according to the formulation requirements | TCI - Supplement Manufacturer

ODM supplement capsule applicability:

    • Powder capsule: Capsule shell can effectively mask the taste (bitterness)
    • Granule capsule: Gastric and enteric solubility——two-stage release, prolonging the efficacy time; Enteric-coated——protects the active ingredients from being damaged by stomach acid; Separate particles to isolate conflicting active ingredients
    • Soft capsule: Can be used directly with oil-based materials


Various Supplement Dosage Form Categories
Dosage Form Category      Type     
Drink Categorized by packaging material Glass-bottled drink, PET plastic bottle, liquid sachet
Jelly Jelly
Powder sachet Categorized by capacity 3 side seal powder sachet, back side seal powder sachet, ziplock pouch
Capsule Categorized by appearance

Powder capsules, granule capsules, soft capsule

Tablet Categorized by consumption method Swallowed tablets (general swallowing tablets, quick-disintegrating tablets, film-coated tablets), flavored tablets (oral tablets, chewing tablets), effervescent tablets
Categorized by appearance Single layer tablet, double layer tablet, film-coated tablet
Categorized by shape  Round tablet, shaped tablet (triangular, oval, capsule, teardrop)



Supplement manufacturer maintains a strict standard for product packaging

Supplement manufacturer needs to ensure product packaging factors | TCI - Supplement Manufacturer

The packaging is divided into internal and external packaging, and the external packaging is a key factor in the consumer’s motivation to purchase, whether it is a slogan or a list of nutritional ingredients, or a graphic design. Supplement manufacturer needs to ensure that the inner packaging of the product is protected from pollution or light damage so that consumers can store and use it.

Outer Packaging Labels:

The purpose and function of supplement packaging are to communicate with consumers and to show the brand characteristics and value of the product. In addition to containing important information, such as nutrition labels, slogans, company information, etc., the labeling must be in line with the nutritional claims of packaged foods around the world. Special attention should be paid to not explicitly or implicitly claiming benefits that cannot be claimed. Unclear labeling and claims of efficacy are likely to be penalized by relevant authorities. A professional regulatory review team is needed to help review the claims to avoid penalties.

Package Planning:

In addition to colour selection and visual design of supplement packing materials, the supplement manufacturer necessarily considers the consumer user scenario. When designing the supplement formula, the recommended daily intake should be matched with the appropriate amount of packaging and box type. For example, if the recommended daily intake is one bottle or one sachet, it can be designed as seven bottles or 30 sachets. If the product is to be used outdoors, it should be packaged in a lightweight package that can be carried around to enhance the consumer’s experience and convenience.

The inner packaging materials include glass bottles, PET bottles, PTP, aluminium bags, recycled packaging materials, etc. To ensure good supplement product stability, it is necessary to consider the sealing ability, so that the product does not get contaminated, or have issues with absorbing moisture, light damage, etc. In particular, some of the raw materials are easily affected by environmental humidity and clumping, which would not be suitable for large-capacity powder packaging, and must be used in small packages (single use) Some raw materials need to be protected from light, therefore a brown glass bottle would be more suitable.


Certification and Inspections that Supplement Manufacturers Must Have

Certification and Inspections that Supplement Manufacturers Must Have | TCI - Supplement Manufacturer

The production lines of supplement manufacturers need to be designed to meet national good manufacturing standards and adopt standard operating systems in order to produce high-quality products that meet safety and health standards, including GMP, ISO22000, and HACCP. For example, Halal certification is a gateway to the international market.


What is the cost of supplement manufacturing?

What is the cost of supplement manufacture? Is there a minimum order quantity? | TCI - Supplement Manufacturer

The cost of manufacturing supplements varies greatly from the factory to factory, and the capacity of the supplement manufacturer’s production line affects the cost the most. Overall, it depends on the cost of raw materials, production cost, labor cost, packaging cost, transportation cost, and so on.


Does supplement manufacturer require a minimum order quantity?

In general, supplement manufacturers require a minimum order quantity, or “MOQ,” to start a production line. This way, it would meet the cost. Personnel costs and pipe cleaning costs are mostly fixed; therefore, the lower the demand, the higher the unit price.


TCI transformed from a supplement ODM to supplement CDMO In 2011

In 2011, TCI transformed from a supplement ODM to CDMO | TCI - Supplement Manufacturer

TCI was established in 1980 and transformed from an ODM company to a CDMO in 2011. TCI’s main product development is the development and manufacturing of supplements and skin care products. The most important part of product manufacturing is the formulation and ingredients added to the products. To create differentiation in raw materials and the market, diversity, and effectiveness of raw materials, TCI started to develop its own IBD raw materials in 2011. In addition to being a supplement manufacturer, TCI also started the IBD Integrated Bio-science Design, and TCI transformed into a CDMO company to develop a bio-data mining model to create new raw materials and self-make and patent key components. TCI discovers effective ingredients from agricultural wastes and natural materials harvested at special times. TCI, a skincare & supplement manufacturer, especially focuses on natural substances, symbiotic microorganisms (probiotics), protein peptides (collagen), and natural ferments (enzymes).

Further Reading: About TCI, Supplement CDMO Company

Currently, TCI serves customers in 63 countries and has over 1,400 brand partners worldwide, with 95% of our customers re-purchasing. TCI invests hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development each year to “get the product right” and keep innovating products and developing core technologies.

Provides 7 major supplement CDMO services:

    • Raw material and product production process development and manufacturing
    • Global manufacturing services in 4 locations: US/TW/CN/JP
    • Customer-oriented product solutions
    • Human efficacy testing of raw materials and products
    • Familiar with laws and regulations and registration process of various countries
    • Packaging material development and production
    • High-quality commercial mass production

TCI has a team of 230 Masters and PhD R&D with different backgrounds, specializing not only in product development and manufacturing but also in creating maximum value for products in the supply chain. Through professional product design and analysis of dosage forms, formulations, regulations, and market dynamics, TCI focuses on precise consumer needs as the starting point, product effectiveness, and consumer feedback. So that consumers will fall in love with the product’s high performance once they try it! Brand customers can also reduce their advertising expenses, resulting in a win-win situation for both parties, allowing TCI to continue to develop high-value, perfect products that stand firm in the market!



TCI Supplement Manufacturer Patent Certification

TCI, a global skincare & supplement manufacturer, currently holds 893 international patents in Taiwan, China, the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, France, and Germany. Patents not only protect TCI’s R&D technology but also protects our partners, customers, and their products, and the only way for our partners and customers to benefit is to use patents to ensure that everything is done correctly. The patents applied by TCI cover a wide range of technologies, including production process technology, efficacy technology development, new raw material development technology, food production technology, skin care product production technology, and creative and practical products. Our global patent filings are designed to create a new world with our partners and customers.


Why is TCI the best supplement manufacturer in Asia?

Supplement ODM and supplement CDMO TCI’s strength. If you have other different considerations and need a stable formula that is available immediately, the “standardized product” can save you even more time. (Further Reading: Turnkey Product Solution) Especially for collagen ODM, probiotics ODM, and enzyme ODM, TCI has invested a lot of R&D efforts, such as exclusive tripeptides Maxi Collagen, Vegan collagen (Vecollal®), functional probiotics, AKK Formula, patented processed enzymes, etc., adding our products are differentiated in the market by the addition of self-developed raw materials.

In 2018, TCI became the first biotech company in Asia to join the “RE100” program jointly implemented by The Climate Group and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and pledged to turn all Taiwan Panshi factories into 100% green power factories by 2030.

In 2018, TCI’s supplement factory received LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and the Taiwan Panshi Park has now fully adopted solar panels as a source of electricity, reducing CO2 emissions by 528 tons. TCI has also obtained PAS2060 carbon neutral certification, which is in compliance with the voluntary carbon reduction standards (VERs) and the gold standard under the Kyoto Protocol. TCI will continue to develop green energy strategies and implement a green supply chain through three options: purchasing International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs), signing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with renewable energy generators, and self-generating solar power systems in the factory.

TCI has a complete production line including supplement drink manufacturers, supplement powder manufacturers, supplement capsule manufacturers, supplement tablet manufacturers, dietary supplement manufacturers, and functional jelly supplement manufacturers.

TCI also has supplement manufacturers in Taiwan, Japan, China, the USA, and subsidiaries around the world. No matter where customers can find the nearest service location. Over the years, TCI has devoted itself to the strategy of “always differentiated” to help our customers to occupy the leading position in the market and enter the international market.

A. Sustainable Products and Services

Agricultural Circular Economy

TCI, a global supplement manufacturer, has integrated its business model to reuse agricultural by-products that were previously invaluable and turn them into resources. The nutritional and special effects of plants are explored, and effective ingredients are extracted using unique plant extraction technology to produce high-performance products. These ingredients are also approved as new dietary ingredients by the U.S. FDA, representing the safety of these ingredients to the human body.

New Environmentally-Friendly Packaging Materials, Net Zero Carbon Products

TCI, a global supplement manufacturer, conducts research on packaging materials and develops a variety of environmentally friendly packaging materials that meet market needs, with plastic reduction, recyclability, and biodegradability as our demands. From the bottle to the outer box, we use recyclable glass bottles and FSC-certified materials for the outer packaging, adding to the green environmentally-friendly concept.

Apply for the Zero Carbon Product Label for Your Product

TCI, a global supplement manufacturer, can assist in the application of product carbon footprint (ISO 14067) and carbon neutral (PAS 2060) certification, which will result in a third-party certification. The certificate, carbon footprint, and net zero carbon (carbon neutral) label can be printed on the product package to declare it as a “net zero carbon product”.

CQC Label

The first zero-carbon product in China is manufactured by TCI Group, and the CQC label is the only environmental certification national standard in China; thus, achieving market differentiation.


B. Developing Product Core Technology

With more than 42 years of experience, 12 main laboratories, and more than 200 R&D staff, TCI can provide you with supplement formulation manufacturing planning.

The Key to Effective Products

TCI, a global skincare & supplement manufacturer, collaborates with various medical teams to provide clinical reports to ensure the efficacy of our products with scientific evidence. On average, over 17,700 experiments are conducted on the cellular, genetic and potent components of the ingredients developed by TCI. To identify the key active ingredients, TCI has replaced a large number of human resources with automated research and development methods, which have the advantage of reducing human errors and allowing 24-hour monitoring and quality improvement of experiments; thus, significantly reducing the repetitive manual operation in the laboratory.

TCI collaborates with various medical teams to provide clinical reports to ensure the efficacy of our products with scientific evidence. On average, over 17,700 experiments are conducted on the cellular, genetic and potent components of the ingredients developed by TCI  | A Global Supplement Manufacturer


Because of the interaction between raw materials and raw materials, supplement formulation manufacture is not as simple as A+B+C, but has a multiplying effect or offsetting each other. Using TCI’s original Synergene® formulation platform, TCI has accumulated a large amount of data and integrated it into the Synergene® database. Using the Synergistic effect concept and genetic experiments to design formulations for different functional requirements, including skin care, immunomodulation, cardiovascular health, blood sugar, and sports performance, and then conducting clinical efficacy evaluation. In the future, TCI will be able to provide scientifically validated, integrated, and high-performance product solutions to our brand customers immediately and effectively, regardless of the end products.

double NUTRI®:

In terms of supplement drink ODM, with this technology, it is not necessary to consume supplements A, B, and C capsules at the same time in order to obtain A, B, and C nutrients. It is possible to combine the water phase, oil phase, and insoluble nutrients all in one concentrated liquid sachet. Its advantages are better stability and faster absorption by the human body, which opens up the possibility of nutritional supplementation.

5 Main Innovative Characteristics of double 2 NUTRI®:

  1. Breakthrough the problem that the water phase, oil phase, and insoluble nutrients cannot be combined completely
  2. Micronization production process significantly improves the absorption of oil-soluble nutrients and insoluble ions
  3. Reduce the unpleasant flavour of nutrients or extracts
  4. Liquid sachet is completely filled with a sufficient dose
  5. Micro-emulsification technology coating improves the absorption rate of the human body

5 Main Innovative Characteristics of Double 2 NUTRI®| TCI - Supplement Manufacturer

C. Automated production, import, and export certifications are readily available

TCI, a global skincare & supplement manufacturer, has a highly automated factory, from weighing materials to packaging, reducing the chance of human contamination and errors, and achieving lightning-fast delivery. TCI’s S-grade factory stands for Safety, Standard, and Speed, creating superior production performance. Every 1.5 seconds, 20 sachets can be packaged into a box, eliminating the need for higher labour costs or human miscalculation, and providing better and faster quality products to customers.

At the same time, the company has developed a “direct chain logistics, straight-to-spot service” model, in which the products are delivered directly to consumers after production. The advantage of direct delivery from the factory is that it saves money, energy, and time, solves the risk of logistics and transportation on multiple ends, saves costs, and helps customers quickly seize market opportunities and sell globally in the shortest possible time.

If you want to sell your products to different regions, TCI’s S-grade factory has passed GMP, ISO22000, EU FSSC22000, HACCP, ISO50001 (energy control management), UK Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), BRC Retailers Association, and the rare U.S. NSF GMP. In addition, TCI assists customers in FDA registration, China food marketing authorization, Indonesia BPOM application registration, and HALAL certification application, including MUI, JAKIM, THIDA, etc. Thus, it allows customers to focus on marketing.

D. Global Solution

TCI, a global skincare & supplement manufacturer, provides complete solutions for formula review, tariff confirmation, product registration, warehousing, logistics, and distribution, as well as local sales channels to the shelves.


E. Digital Printing, Getting Rid of Uniformity

Digital Printing, Getting Rid of Uniformity | TCI - Supplement Manufacturer

TCI, a global skincare & supplement manufacturer, has invested about 300 million NTD to introduce Israeli digital printing machines to make your private label supplement company stand out from the rest. By using digital printing, the same batch of products no longer has the uniform look of traditional printing. Each sachet or bottle can have ever-changing appearances, making it more competitive in terms of product design.

Further reading: 《How to Find The Best Private Label Skincare Manufacturers in the USA?》



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