TCI has over 46 years of experience, creating integrated bioscience design trading company, and continuing to move towards the goal of "join & delight consumer's life"

  • 2020
    TCI Fever
    • TCI was awarded Top 200 in Forbes 2020 Best Under a Billion (4 consecutive years)
    • TCI was awarded CSR 1st place by the Commonwealth Magazine
    • TCI was awarded 1st place in the top 100 fast-growing companies in 2020 by the Commonwealth Magazine


    • TCI was ranked 149th among the 1000 high-growing companies in APAC by Financial Times
    • QVS-96 fully automatic detection system obtains FDA Certification

    QVS-96 全自動整合檢測系統獲美 FDA 認證

    • double2NUTRI® was awarded the National Innovation “Enterprise Innovation and Advancement” award (2 consecutive years)

    雙營doubleNUTRI® 榮獲國家新創獎「企業新創精進獎」 (連續二年獲獎)

    • QVS-96 testing research results were listed in the world’s top journal Nature Biotechnology

    QVS-96檢測研究成果榮登世界頂尖期刊 《Nature Biotechnology》

  • 2021
    TCI everywhere
    • The S16 Precise Manufacturing
      Center in US officially starts


    • Maxigen Biotech Inc. officially joins TCI


    • Established the Pet Food Biotechnology Co., Ltd
    • TCI’s raw material“Happy Banana Banana Peel Extract” and “Happy Angel Banana Flower Extract” obtained the US FDA New Dietary Ingredient certification
    • TCI’s fruit and vegetable enzyme and NMN Yeast received the gold award at the 2021 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.

    大江生醫以TCI蔬莓果酵素和NMN酵素 於48th瑞士日內瓦國際發明獎奪金

    • TCI’s acerola unripe fruit, aronia, unripe papaya ferment, and golden formula prebiotic were awarded gold and special awards

    大江生醫以翡翠櫻桃、野櫻梅、 青木瓜酵素和黃金配方益生質 於6th iCAN加拿大國際發明獎奪金

    • TCI’s golden formula was awarded he 2021 World Plant Based Awards Best plant-functional product

    大江生醫以黃金配方益生質勇奪 2021年英國世界植物基功能產品大獎

    • TCI became the first biotechnology corporation in Asia to obtain the SBTi carbon reduction target certification


    • TCI’s S12 automatic warehouse obtained the LEED Silver Certification awarded by USGBC

    大江生醫S12自動倉儲工廠 獲得USGBC 頒發的LEED銀級認證

    • TCI obtained product carbon neutral certification for S5, S9, S11, and S8

    大江生醫獲得S5、S9、S11、S8 產品碳中和證書

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