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Dietary Supplements and Their Effects on Immunity

Dietary supplements have become essential for the development of the immune system. With the rise and formation of new diseases, many people are opting for dietary supplements for the empowerment of their immune system. These immune booster supplements can act as the perfect substitute for the human body which is deficient in the vitamins it needs especially Vitamins C and E that fight these viruses. Normally, people tend to prefer the consumption of natural foods rich with the immune-boosting vitamins but they can neglect that level of consumption which is the case most of the time. The absence of these crucial nutrients make it imperative that people replace natural foods for supplements to ensure that their health is safe and body functionality is not disturbed.


Dietary Supplements for Immune System

Many Supplements that strengthen the enhancement of the immune system are rich with one or more immune system booster vitamins. These vitamins include Vitamins A, B, C, D and E. These supplements provide the body with necessary ingredients to fight the illness within their body and protect them from incoming or invasive ones. Some of the more prominent immune-strengthening products include probiotic supplements. Probiotics help the immune system through its antibodies residing in its colostrum. These antibodies, in turn, assist in defending the human body against the flu or the common cold. Vitamin D supplements have been credited for strengthening the human skeletal system and protecting it from developing bone abnormalities like soft or fragile bones.


Effects of Supplements on Immune System

Dietary supplements have a positive effect on the immune system. In fact, it is considered a mandatory consumption requirement for various reasons but more so to protect the body from invasive diseases. Some of the more well-known effects include.


Vitamin C Supplements

White blood cells are vital elements of the immune system. Their function is to fight against different viruses and bacteria that have invaded the body. Vitamin C Supplements, in particular, provide the body with the production of antibodies that defends their body from microbes and fight them off. The strong antioxidant properties within the supplement function to protect white blood cells from pathogens. This basically means that Vitamin C is an immune booster supplement. The Immune system is dependent upon antibodies to maintain the functional capability of the human body as it protects the body from invasive viruses. The absence of antibodies has been credited to the risk of cancer or heart attacks which can result in death for many people.


Vitamin A Supplements

Vitamin A Supplements are required to protect the structure of cells in the gut, skin and respiratory tract.  This enhances the body’s natural defenses and creates a barrier for them against invasive viruses.

Vitamin A supplements are also a requirement for the creation of antibodies as well which fight pathogens and neutralize them in order to protect the cells from being infected.


Vitamin B Supplements

Vitamin B Supplements develop the immune system as they improve the body’s ability to be responsive immediately, once it has recognized the presence of a pathogen. Vitamin B contributes to your body’s first response once it has recognized a pathogen. They do this by influencing the production and activity of “natural killer” cells.. Natural killer cells attack and destroy the infected cells, a process is known as apoptosis.


Vitamin E Supplements

The immune system takes excessive energy to fight off infections attacking the body. However, the more it fights the more it experiences what is considered as oxidative stress. Free radicals are produced as a result of this oxidative stress which then attacks the body and destroys cell walls, thereby causing the internal content within the cell wall to leak onto the body tissue, aggravating inflammation in the process. This inflammation causes pain to the body and weakens the immune system. Vitamin E Supplements are known to act as guardians of cells and protect them from oxidative stress. Through the consumption of appropriate Vitamin E Supplements, the immune system can prevent inflammation and lower the risk of body pains.

This cements the role of dietary supplements and their positive effects on the immunity within the body. The absence of these vitamin supplements can place the human body at severe risk that can leave the body cells vulnerable to attack from intruding diseases and viruses.

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