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Enzymes and weight management; a less invasive approach

Burning out that accumulated chunk of body fat can be a difficult task or process for most people. Various methods have been suggested to help reduce the fat load. Why some strategies are found beneficial, several are not. An obese individual understands why it is easy to convince him or her as regards to a practical approach. They seem to be at risk of any adverse effects that could be linked with some of the unhealthy strategies. However, information appears to be the difference as a determinant of been susceptible to risky or beneficial weight loss approaches.

The purpose of this article is to enlighten patients on a vital weight management approach that focuses on the use of fermented natural foods and other associated benefits. There have been articles providing a variety of information on the internet regarding the role of fermented foods in weight control. Fermented food has now earned the title “the weight loss miracle” due to the benefits and modality by which the weight loss is achieved. The rise in processed fast food consumption has decreased the rate of consumption of most natural traditional foods types that are fermented. People need to understand the role of those types of natural foods offers and how to get them in this present age.

Fermented natural food types are types of food that have undergone fermentation which involves a process where either a group of bacteria, yeasts and mycelial fungi and their enzymes have acted or feed on the sugars and starches present in the food. The process of fermentation delivers beneficial bacteria tagged the probiotics. This system helps in promoting a stable inner-ecosystem which helps in flushing toxins, create a detoxification pathway that reduces toxins hence allow better absorption of beneficial nutrients (Hanadie, 2018).

Fermented bananas, okra, orange pills are some of the natural food products that can be made to undergo fermentation to preserve it or made it perform other important functions to stay healthy.

Fermented natural food has now been processed to create a form of supplements to offer considerable benefits to users. These fermented products deliver the probiotics which are rich in live bacteria with many other important nutrients to the gut. Lactobacilli, leuconostoc, and pedioccoci are involved in the fermentation process.

The benefits delivered from the fermented sweet orange fruit peel have also been found to relate to depressing body weight gain. The fermented okra is found to be low in calorie, rich in dietary fiber, which is essential towards effective weight management. Fibers are essential in helping to keep the digestion flowing regularly.

The fermented okra helps the digestive process, stabilizing blood sugar, control rate of sugar absorption, which guides against the development of diabetes, metabolic syndrome hence effective weight loss reduction. The probiotics delivered by the fermented okra helps optimize the gut flora and improve the immune system. Other fermented foods are made by the microbial organisms and enzymatic conversions of major and minor food components. Such include yogurts, pickles, wines or bread. The action of microorganisms leads to improvement which creates a balance in intestinal permeability and barrier function. These effects contribute to the marked changes associated with the homeostasis to help in managing metabolic diseases hence lower weight gain.

The full incorporation of probiotic bacteria from fermented foods into supplements helps to reduce weight in obese people. This is similar to the use of natural foods to reduce weight. The probiotics also enhance fat excretion through feces hence useful in the weight reduction process.


The early introduction of fermented natural foods to a child’s meal helps to reduce the desire to over-consume sweet foods. Apart from the higher bioactive molecule content and improve antioxidant activity of the natural fruits, there is a probiotic activity which helps in enhancing weight reduction and offer antidiabetic function with the less fatty acid profile.

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