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How Has TCI Managed "Accurate" Coronavirus Scanning?

In 2010, TCI stepped into the domain of genes and founded its wholly-owned subsidiary, TCI GENE, which commits to studying and developing rapid and simple methods to perform nucleic acid tests. TCI GENE, in 2019, completed the automatization of its genetic testing equipment 3.0 and established P2 Laboratory to further develop the technology for pathogen detection. That is why TCI GENE could respond to the COVID-19 outbreak efficiently as well as give back and contribute to society.

Furthermore, TCI GENE has turned its first-generation DNA detection device into a fully automated device 3.0 for automatic nucleic acid extraction, micro-dispensing and genetic testing. With expanded uses and capacities, it can detect various epidemic viruses through module conversion.

Based on automated device 3.0, TCI has further developed QVS-96, the world’s first fully automated detection integration system operated by robotic arms to load the corresponding codes of the specimens, which can prevent mismatches between test results and specimens caused by human error. After specimens are handled, they are tested in a fully automatic, unmanned, and zero-pollution environment with the qPCR detection technology with an accuracy rate of 99.99%. The test results of 96 specimens can be obtained in 50 minutes to achieve 24/7 comprehensive monitoring and prompt responses to the pandemic.

TCI will join hands with the disease control departments of various countries to speed the turnaround time of COVID-19 testing. By providing rapid and accurate testing technology, TCI can prevent the spread of the virus and make a contribution to the world. It is TCI’s aim to devote itself to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic for Taiwan and safeguarding our precious homeland.

How Has TCI Managed 'Accurate' Coronavirus Testing?

How Has TCI Managed 'Accurate' Coronavirus Testing?

How Has TCI Managed 'Accurate' Coronavirus Testing?

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