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More Than Calcium: What You Need for Stronger Bones?

A human body chiefly consists of two main parts that constitute the primary structure; Muscles and Skeleton. As important it is to look after your apparent well being, it is equally important to cater to the requirements of your body from the inside. Your bones that serve as the pillars for the entire structure of the body to stand on deserve more attention and care than we generally provide them. As a result, bones grow weak and fragile; this also results in conditions that can cause pain in the joints and general ache in the bones (shoulders, arms, legs, backbone, and femur).

It is common that bones can be fortified with the proper consumption of calcium. Sources such as milk and other dairy products can contribute to better bone health and development. But bones need much more than just calcium to maintain their integrity and stay strong over a period of time, one of such supplements is Collagen. As we age, our bones start to degrade and become weaker; without proper care, they can become a major source of pain for any individual of any age but most people who have crossed their 40’s are more susceptible to it. Additional supplements such as Collagen for bones are essential for better bone care in addition to  the intake of calcium.


What More Do Bones Need?

To break the stereotypical approach of ‘milk makes bone strong’, we will be listing down a number of ways by which you can improve and maintain your bone health for a longer duration, most important of which is the consumption of collagen for healthy bones. We aren’t implying calcium doesn’t contribute to the health of bones; rather, it is just one of many essential vitamins, mineral, and proteins body needs to keep the bones healthy. We will also be exploring the role of Collagen for bones in their development and keeping them (and joints) strong.


·         Along with dairy sources such as milk, yogurt, and cheese; you can find calcium in other products such as fortified beverages (soy, rice or orange juice), fish (preserved with bones), tofu, beans, nuts, seeds, green vegetables, and molasses (black-strap).

·         Consumption of food rich in Vitamin-D can help in better absorption of calcium in the body. Also, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin-K also help in better absorption of calcium in the body.

·         To keep your bones healthy, you need to provide them with some workout, so try to stay active.

·         Most important is the use of Collagen based supplements for healthy bones. Regular use ensures the extension of bone life.


Role of Collagen:

There are plenty of supplements in the market that boast on providing essential nutrients that will keep your bones strong and healthy. We advise to go through the list of ingredients and look specifically for ‘Collagen’; as it is not just the most abundant protein in the body but 1/3 constituent of you bone structure as well. So if you are looking to take a supplement for your bones, be sure that it has Collagen in it; better yet, opt for a collagen-based supplement.

There are three major types of collagen in the body named types 1, 2, and 3. Types 1 and 3 are essential for better development and growth of your bones. As the major component of bone structure, Collagen types 1 and 3 not only make bones strong but also increase bone density for retaining bone mass.

Type 2 collagen is present in the cushioning of the joints and cartilage. Consumption of supplements with type 2 collagen can relieve a person with joint pain or stiff joints. The type of collagen supplement you use may vary as per your need, but having collagen supplements in your daily diet can help in keeping your bones stronger and longer. Accompanied with other essential vitamins and minerals, collagen can fortify your bones and keep you active without any pain or discomfort in the bones or joints.

Use of collagen supplements can greatly help increase the health of your bones. Regular use of Collagen for bones guarantees their longevity. Use of Collagen for bones can prevent serious conditions such as:

·         Easy fracturing.

·         Osteoporosis.

·         Osteitis.

·         Osteomyelitis.

·         Bone cancer.

·         Multiple myeloma.

·         Acromegaly.

So ensure use of Collagen for bones on daily basis and keep them strong and healthy for long.

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