TCI Introduces VeCollal®, the Biomimetic Collagen Most Identical to Human Collagen from Belgium Validated by Human Clinical Study.

VeCollal®, based in Belgium, is a global leader in non-animal sourced collagen development, backed by strong scientific expertise and clinical trial data. Dr. Josué Vázquez, the Chief Scientist, holds a Ph.D. in Tissue Engineering. VeCollal® precisely replicates human collagen’s amino acid composition, recognized by international supplement and beauty brands. TCI, recognizing the surge in demand for vegan collagen, has formed an exclusive distribution alliance with VeCollal® in Asia. In-vitro tests demonstrate a 135% increase in collagen secretion, while clinical trials showcase improvements in skin parameters. VeCollal® offers a sustainable, vegan-friendly alternative with reduced environmental impact, earning accolades at the European Green Award and World Dairy Innovation Awards.

Read the full article: Yahoo Finance

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