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TCI Stands out at Vitafoods Europe 2021 and Releases Medical-grade Product MaxiCollagen with MBI

At Vitafoods Europe 2021, TCI presented MaxiCollagen, a medical-grade collagen developed in collaboration with MBI. Its tripeptide content is three times higher than that of Japanese and Korean products, and it has widely attracted attention in the European healthcare market.

With the pandemic slowing down, TCI’s Europe team was invited to attend Vitafoods Europe 2021, the largest healthcare exhibition in Europe. At the fair, MaxiCollagen was first released by TCI’s Europe team. This medical-grade collagen was created by TCI and MBI. Due to the exclusive process, its tripeptide content has been proven to be more than three times that of Japanese and Korean products. For human experiments, the result of rich skin can be seen in seven days, and it has rewritten the product feature of collagen, which needs to be replenished continuously over a longer period of time. The data results amazed the R&D and purchasing staff of European healthcare brands, and there were lots of inquiries, which can show the recovery of the European health and skin care market after the pandemic and the popularity of collagen products in Europe.

The European industry assesses that TCI is currently the largest company in the Asia Pacific region in terms of total revenue and number of products introduced in the field of CDMO applied to health and skin care. Exhibitors from all over the world focused on CDMO at Vitafoods Europe 2021. With the largest Asia-Pacific market economy in the healthcare sector today, TCI’s CDMO-related raw materials and applications have opened up tremendous opportunities for the European healthcare market. In particular, TCI’s superior ability to vertically integrate R&D and manufacturing, from raw material development to product launch, is an outstanding advantage that other companies at the fair may need to bring together 3-4 companies to achieve. With a global sales network of 62 countries, TCI has been able to serve European health and skin care brands directly to the markets of various countries, and has had many successful cases, leading to significant revenue growth in the European and the US markets in the past two years.

Owing to the gradual end of lockdown after the pandemic in Europe and the US, some activities have warmed up the market. The healthcare industry has benefited from consumers’ health needs during the pandemic, which has been an economic support and is expected to expand after the pandemic. Due to the great performance of TCI and MBI at Vitafoods Europe 2021, the European and the US markets, where vaccination rates are high, can be expected to lead the global recovery.


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