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Behind the rise of a $100 bn business: how GLP-1 RAs are redefining supplement trends in weight loss 

A new class of medications, known as GLP-1 receptor agonists, has shaken up the supplement market in recent years amid the new phenomenal craze for effective weight loss. Its soaring popularity has sparked a wide global controversy over the issue of GLP-1 shortages.  

Traditional weight management supplements used to reign as the top consumer choice, but the advent of GLP-1 RAs has come to subvert what consumers know about the mechanisms of weight loss 

Why do consumers opt for GLP-1 RAs instead of weight management supplements? 

GLP-1 receptor agonists are a class of medications mainly used for diabetes treatment due to its ability to regulate blood sugar levels. These drugs mimic the GLP-1 hormone from the small intestine, which plays a key role in weight management.  

Benefit one: fast and effective 

One of the core factors that contributed to the explosive popularity of GLP-1 RAs is the level of its efficacy, which has been clinically proven to be remarkably effective towards weight loss. According to The New England Journal of Medicine, participants of Eli Lilly’s GLP-1 RA phase two drug trial have achieved an average weight loss of 17.5% of their body weight, that equivalent to 41 pounds shredded in 6 months.  

Benefit two: supported by successful cases in clinical trials 

Unlike many traditional weight management supplements, which often lack clinical validation, GLP-1 RA drugs are backed by solid scientific evidence derived from years of research and clinical assessment. It is the success achieved through real-life experimental trials that further set the foundation of GLP-RAs as effective and highly recognized in the scientific community.  

Benefit three: doctoral prescriptions make it a safe and credible option  

GLP-1 RA drugs are originally used by doctors as a method to treat type-two diabetes patients. Thus, the discovery of the drugs’ effectiveness in weight loss has marked the start of something new and revolutionary. All of a sudden, people with serious obesity issues are finding their needs met via GLP-1 RA drugs; a sense of ease felt in their user experience for being able to turn to a highly credible alternative.   

Traditional weight supplements taking the blunt in the face of growing GLP-1 RA demand 

Amidst the new drug sensation, traditional weight supplement brands are bearing the grave costs of a market susceptible to change. As branded GLP-1 RA drugs penetrated business sectors and led to upswings in the market over the years, we’re seeing companies in the food industry facing mass losses; among them appeared to be some of the top weight supplement companies around the world.  

As shown, renowned nutritional supplement company HerbalLife has reported a severe decline in its gross revenue from US$5.99 billion in 2021 to US$5.06 in 2023. Although Medifast and Nature’s Sunshine did see a slight increase in sales over the years, the numbers in revenue growth showed a relatively poor performance given how significant the global supplement market was valued at. Within just a few years, GLP-1 RA drugs have obtained the capability and capacity to impact market shares and subvert industry trends.  

How the Supplement Market is Restrategizing its Product Approach Amid the Market Heat for GLP-1 RAs 

In reality, the impact of GLP-RA drugs has forced many health supplement brands into pressing situations, urging them to change. They are adjusting to a new reality where consumers, influenced by the appetite-suppressing effects of GLP-1 RAs, are purchasing less of their products. To tackle the transformation, we’re seeing brands and chain stores directing their focus toward the selling of GLP-1 formulated products, paving a new path of business opportunities for brands and suppliers alike.  

GLP-1 RAs are astonishing, but our GLP-1 formula is just better 

Powered by a synergistic blend of active ingredients, TCI’s GLP-1 formula has pushed the boundaries of what can be done in health supplements. What sets us apart from other GLP-1 RA drugs lies in that our formula naturally stimulates metabolic activities in the human body. In contrast to GLP- RA drugs, which provide a consistent level of hyper GLP-1 activity, TCI’s GLP-1 formula is designed to mimic the way our GLP-1 hormones are secreted, thus allowing metabolism to sustain itself in normal range.   

Because GLP-1 RAs are often delivered through high-dose injections, to which its structure differs from that of an endogenous GLP-1 hormone in the human body, they became difficult to be metabolized once they enter the bloodstream. This could lead to issues with our metabolic activity at night, where our bodies face major disruptions in the processing of many biosynthetic metabolisms.  

Despite having remarkable weight loss effects, the mechanism of GLP-1 RAs is slightly more impulsive in nature in terms of blood sugar control. This pertains to the reason why GLP-RA usage has incited reports of side effects like nausea, gastrointestinal issues, or the “Ozempic face”.  

On the contrary, our GLP-1 formula differentiates itself in the mechanisms of weight loss in a sense that it enables people to experience the rise and trough of blood sugar levels, in response to the way our GLP-1 hormones are normally secreted in the human body; thus, maintaining a subtle balance between hunger and satiety. 

What is so powerful about TCI’s GLP formula?  

Ever felt overwhelmed by the urges of eating? In a society that is quick to judge people based on their looks, obesity has almost become a cursed disease for many. But, with TCI’s GLP-1 formula, effective weight loss results can be achieved; through the stimulation of our body’s normal hormonal activities. People ae not only eating less, storing less fat, but also experiencing increased metabolism.  

At TCI, we’re experts in turning visionary supplement ideas into reality. Do not miss the chance to get into the transformative business of GLP-1, where we provide exclusive formulated solutions that will help you take a competitive lead in the supplement industry.  

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